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What We Do

Badgeville offers an award-winning enterprise gamification and analytics solution delivered as-a-service. We build 360˚ profiles of user actions, achievements and activities.

Integrated Gamification

Badgeville has deployed 300+ gamification solutions. Our pre-built application connectors, blueprints and robust API enable rapid integration and gamification of common applications. Badgeville's enterprise-grade platform tracks and rewards billions of actions per month.

Digital Reputation

Rich profiles display skill levels, achievements, live activities, progressions, interactions and more to create a multi-dimensional view of customers and employees. Real-time feedback keeps user engaged in targeted actions. Digital Reputation taps into a powerful intrinsic motivator that lasts.

Audience Analytics

Badgeville’s big data analytics enables customers to track and analyze users and usage. With pre-built and customizable KPI driven reports, business managers are equipped with the data to evolve their programs with a feedback loop that indicates the progression towards business goals.

Visualize the Future of Work

Badgeville reputation center screenshot

Your Customer or Employee

She’s collaborative, connected, and proactive. Everyone can see it.

Job Achievement

Clear task management helps with onboarding or setting measured performance goals.

Career Milestones

Diane’s achievements display her experience and key areas of expertise.


Live activities reinforce behavioral feedback and increase social interaction.

Results Driven

Badgeville layers gamification and analytics onto your core enterprise applications to drive employee success. Increase collaboration, training and development, sales and support performance, customer self-service, and more.

41% Increase

in Community Engagement

50% Increase

in Course Completion

40% Decrease

in Ticket Response Time